Vision and Permanent NCADDHM Commissions/Adhoc Committee


The purpose of our association is to create a ministry of collaboration.  We engage in reflection and planning of Hispanic Ministry and provide continuing formation for diocesan directors serving in the United States.  We provide assistance to our members while finding mutual support, recognition and acceptance.    We develop a common ministerial vision while supporting the “Memoria Historica” of the Encuentros.

The board members affirm the reality of the church in the United States and support the reality of rich cultural diversity, and we continue to promote unity in pluralism as an expression of our catholicity.  We thrive to assist Hispanics in the process of integration into the total life of the Church in society serving as missionary disciples.

Permanent NCADDHM Commissions

  1. Pastoral de Conjunto Commission
  2. Finances and Development Commission
  3. Communications Commission
  4. Formation Commission
  5. Conference Commission

A.  Pastoral de Conjunto Commission
The Pastoral de Conjunto commission is composed of the executive committee from the board of directors.  The commission will

  • expand on a common vision and mission for Hispanic ministry by networking with other key Hispanic organizations, namely NCCHM, La RED, FIP, ANSH, MACC and all Regional Structures.
  • strengthen the structures for Hispanic ministry by partnering with organizations, publication companies, and dioceses in our general goals and objectives.
  • develop a strategy for pastoral de conjunto, by having representation at national meetings and conferences that will enhance Hispanic ministry.
  • foster the development of Hispanic ministry leaders by establishing on-going relationships with universities and colleges that focus on Hispanic ministry and/or outreach to Hispanic students.

B.  Finance and Development Commission
The Finance commission is composed of the treasurer, president, 2 at large NCADDHM members, as well as 1 professional or expert in this arena. The commission will

  • develop a plan for fund raising and grant design to assist us in furthering NCADDHM’s mission.
  • maintain a working relationship with potential donors to assist us in seeking grants and other fund raising initiatives.
  • establish new working relationships with national institutions willing to financially support the work and mission of NCADDHM.
  • work closely with the USCCB Office of Cultural Diversity – Committee on Hispanic Affairs to be aware of funding opportunities.
  • make all necessary recommendations to the Board concerning policies that will make us fiscally responsible and accountable to the membership.

C.  Communications Commission
The Communications commission is composed of NCADDHM members working in conjunction with the board of directors.  Any member of the NCADDHM may serve on a Communications committee. Each communications committee will have at least one member of the board of directors serving alongside other members. The commission will

  • survey the membership to see what kinds of communication they would find effective
  • update and maintain the membership and mailing list
  • create a list serve of members for sending e-mail announcements and action alerts

Website Committee: Redesign and update the web page using eCatholic for the website.  The committee will keep the website content updated and facilitate the capability to be interactive as well as develop the video capacity.  It will develop the capacity to have registrations and payments online.

Newsletter Committee:  Produce the biannual NCCADDHM newsletter.  The committee will develop the content for the newsletter and create guidelines for writing articles for the newsletter.  It will edit the newsletter and be responsible for its printing and distribution.

D.  Formation Commission
The Formation commission composed of NCADDHM members working in conjunction with the board of directors. Any member of the NCADDHM may serve on a committee. The commission will

  • prepares and implement a comprehensive orientation for new diocesan directors which will include the historical context of Hispanic Ministry, present the methodology of Ver, Juzgar, Actuar, provide examples and ideas for designing and developing programs that implement the mission of NCADDHM at the regional level, etc.
  • study the effectiveness of a biennial or an annual conference and make recommendations.
  • consider ways in which formation and other activities can be provided to others who work in Hispanic Ministry beyond the diocesan directors.

E.  Conference Commission
The Conference commission is composed of NCADDHM members working in conjunction with the board of directors.  Any member of the NCADDHM may serve on a conference committee. Each conference committee will have at least one member of the board of directors serving alongside other members. The executive committee is the steering committee for the conference.

Process Committee: Proposes the process and then plans for a given conference always taking into account suggestions from the membership.  It also proposes the schedule, presenters, speakers and facilitators for the conference.

Liturgy Committee: Plans the prayers and liturgies taking place during the conference.   This committee interfaces with musicians, lay and ordained ministers to coordinate participation.

Registration Committee: Helps to prepare registration brochure, receives all registrations and coordinates

Sponsors and Exhibitors Committee: Invite past and potential sponsors and exhibitors to support the NCADDHM conference, send letters of invitation, make follow up calls and provide information regarding the sponsor’s / exhibitor’s duties and responsibilities.

Journal Committee: Develop the conference program book.  This committee is responsible for acquiring journal ads and putting together the content which includes but not limited to the schedule, letters of presentation, biographies, prayers, rituals, liturgies and ads.

Logistic Committee: – Works with the site and other committees to ensure all that is necessary is provided.
* Meals – Receptions, Banquets, Food, Snacks for breaks
* Use of rooms and Set up
* Supplies, copies
* Technical support – sound system, projectors, screens etc.

Hospitality and Entertainment Committee: Provides a welcoming environment at the conference. Plans and executes a fiesta for all participants.

II. Ad Hoc Committees

History and Archives Committee: Compile the history of NCADDHM by collecting copies of all historical materials such as program books from the biennial conferences, NCADDHM newsletters, minutes from meetings of the NCADDHM board, copies of other notes which members have kept, as well as any other media reports about NCADDHM. The committee will put together all of the historical material and prepare “Memoria Histórica” of NCADDHM and archive the material. Committee is composed of board members with the option of inviting other NCADDHM members.

Identity Committee: Explore the identity of the organization and review the name of the organization. The board of directors will dialogue on this topic and create a way of involving the membership in the conversation and decision making. The board is responsible for the committee.

The National Catholic Association of Diocesan Directors for Hispanic Ministry (NCADDHM)  is an organization recognized by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.