Reports to: Pastor
Type: Exempt

Major Position Responsibility Areas:
Faith Formation (FF) Programs: Clusters; Home-Centered Faith Formation
► Sacramental Preparation: Reconciliation/Eucharist Coordinator; Confirmation Coordinator
► RCIA / RCIC / ReMembering Church
► Adult Formation: Gospel Study, Book Club, LRSS, Adult FF Board offerings
► Children’s Liturgy of the Word: 8:30 & 10:30 Masses
► Nursery: 8:30 & 10:30 Masses
► Early Childhood Programs: Toddler Faith Formation (8:30 & 10:30 Masses), Story Time
► Vacation Bible School
► Supervise Youth Ministry Coordinator for middle school, high school & college-aged students
► Parish Library
► Safe Environment program (coordinated by FF Administrative Assistant)
► Administration duties related to all FF programs, including budgets, communication, FF board
meetings, bulletin announcements, calendar coordination, etc.

Primary Responsibilities:

Faith Formation – Clusters and Home-Centered Programs
► Plan, organize, develop and direct all Clusters and Home-Centered Programs
► Plan yearly calendar for FF Clusters and Home-Centered programs
► Evaluate and determine appropriate textbooks and materials to be used in FF programs:
order materials as required
► Recruit new Cluster facilitators as needed
► Develop appropriate Facilitator training & spiritual opportunities throughout the year
► Plan and develop appropriate materials, and provide training to prepare all parents in Home-
Centered to work one on one with child(ren)
► Plan and develop appropriate content for Home-Centered group meetings
► Monitor attendance for Clusters and Home-Centered programs
► Determine proper placement in suitable Clusters for all new and transferring families
► Purchase Advent/Lent gifts for all FF families
► Communicate to all Facilitators and Home-Centered Coordinator on an as needed basis
► Hold registration for all programs; recruit help for registration
► Determine level of preparedness for all sacramental registrations for Sacramental Coordinator
and Administrative Assistant as appropriate
► Work with Administrative Assistant and Sacramental Coordinator in areas of registration,
communication, Shelby information, mailings, labels, nametags, etc.
► Create periodic informational newsletter and library resource update list of all recent
► Develop yearly budget
Sacrament Preparation Programs
► Plan, organize, develop and direct all Sacramental Programs
► Develop the scope and sequence of the 1 st Eucharist and Reconciliation sacramental
program with Sacramental Coordinator; approve with input from the pastor
► Develop the scope and sequence of Confirmation meetings, sessions, retreat, service
opportunities, communications and rites with Confirmation Coordinator; approve with input
from the pastor
► Review the sacramental preparation calendars and facilities needs and coordinate with the