Diocesan Professional Membership

Diocesan Professional Membership is open to full and part-time diocesan personnel in Hispanic ministry and other diocesan offices (e.g. Vicars directors, associates, assistants, coordinators, consultants, appointed liaisons, etc.)

Benefits of your Membership

+ Access to the NCADDHM’s Annual Conference Membership Fee
+ Access to NCADDHM Experts – current thought leaders in Hispanic Ministry
+ Access to collaborative opportunities – sponsorships, presentations, and ministry resources
+ Access to NCADDHM’s Webinars – related to the Hispanic community and best practices in ministry
+ Access to NCADDHM’s bulletin and ministry updates
+ Partnership Recognition

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Diocesan Professional Registration and Payment
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Price: $ 300.00
Membership Dues for Fiscal Year from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022