The primary purpose of this position is to develop, coordinate, implement, and evaluate Aquinas Institute of Theology’s strategic enrollment management plan. This includes responsibility for leading and directing graduate student recruitment and admissions counseling. This position works collaboratively with all marketing and communication efforts.

The following are the essential functions of Coordinator:

Recruitment & Admissions

  • Manage entire recruitment and admissions pipeline to ensure applicants move steadily through each stage of the pipeline
  • Develop an inquiry pool through the use of student search services, university outreach (college fairs, conferences, etc.), college relations, campus visits and open houses, internet and emerging technology, publications, and correspondence
  • Recruit students to campus for graduate degree programs. This includes visiting venues where prospective students are located and national level conferences
  • Host prospective students and community members for on campus events and visits
  • Communicate with prospective students and key relationship constituencies
  • Facilitate communication between prospective students and faculty members
  • Evaluate admission applicants to Aquinas Institute and make appropriate admission recommendations to the appropriate program directors or committees and to the Academic Dean

Enrollment Management Planning and Execution

  • Collaborate with faculty and staff at the Institute to develop short and long-term enrollment management plans for each degree program
  • Review, analyze, and interpret data to ensure data-driven decisions to establish, improve, and refine objectives and develop strategies in support of enrollment management plans
  • Implement enrollment management strategies to positively impact recruitment and retention of students
  • Foster and coordinate cooperation of the departments with other student affairs departments, faculty, customized training services, and administration.
  • Collaborate with key faculty and staff, including the Student Enrollment Coordinator, Registrar, and Program Directors to assure streamlined and efficient matriculation into academic programs. Collaborate with these groups to optimize retention and graduation rates of all student.
  • Work closely with administration on the management of enrollment and admission issues; take an active role in college crisis management strategies.

Data and Record Keeping, Policies and Procedures, and Budget Management

  • Define data collection and storage requirements; diagram data flow and relationships; and recommend database specifications
  • Coordinate data entry and ensure data integrity for all admissions related contacts and accounts
  • Produce regular reports with statistical and qualitative information/analysis to track, document, and measure progress to inform improvements to processes and procedures
  • Develop and submit proposed enrollment management and financial aid policies and procedures to the President and Academic Dean. Implement said policies and procedures and review regularly.
  • Create and maintains documentation on enrollment management systems and data processes
  • Develop and administer department operating budget.

Marketing & Communication 

  • Collaborate with the Communications and Marketing Coordinator to plan, implement and manage robust, multi-channel Marketing Action Plans for local, regional, and national advertising that include print and digital marketing efforts, tailored to the Graduate Enrollment Plan and priorities
  • Collaborate with Communication and Marketing Coordinator to regularly review and update marketing materials. Ensure consistent branding with regard to layout, design, and production of advertising, promotional materials, publications, email campaigns, digital marketing, social media, and other communication methods.  
  • Collaborate with the Institutional Technology Manager to develop the Aquinas website as an effective marketing and recruitment tool, particularly with regard to the academic, financial aid, and application pages.
  • Develop and implement communication plans for prospective students that engage them in their discernment processes

Financial Aid

  • Collaborate with Academic Dean and President to carry out Financial Aid Policy and award aid in a manner that supports and promotes new student enrollment, retention and student-centered financial service to current students.
  • Review merit- and need-based financial aid application materials for compliance with various forms of federal, state, and institutional assistance program eligibility requirements.  Make recommendations to the Academic Dean and President for allocations. Collaborate with the Student Enrollment Coordinator for aid notifications and awards.
  • Collaborate with the Student Enrollment Coordinator to develop, edit and update correspondence to prospective and current students.
  • Collaborate with the Student Enrollment Coordinator to ensures the accurate, compliant, effective, and efficient operation of the following areas with regard to financial aid: reception, communications, outreach efforts, and financial aid counseling services.

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