Under the direction of the Director of the Family Life (FL) Office, this Specialist is responsible for organizing, developing, and implementing programs of the FL Office for the Hispanic Community in the Archdiocese of New York.  S/he is a professional and pastoral woman or man, highly organized, mature self-starter who works independently and exhibits a high-level work ethic as well as excellent communication skills. 

S/he focuses on all of the areas that the FL Office provides to the English-speaking community, but the two main areas which require the primary attention are driving the marriage ministries (especially marriage preparation, including Fertility Awareness/NFP), and parenting programming. This Specialist has a desire to evangelize – making use of the programs as a means to introduce people to the person and saving action of Jesus Christ.

This position is responsible for:

  • Collaborating with the other programs and staff of the FL Office in alignment with the Office’s overall Comprehensive Goals and Activities.  Attention must to be paid to 1) fostering an integrated “team environment” and, 2) focusing on who is and who ought to be our audience(s), and identifying and testing new channels of communicating with them.
  • Under the supervision of the Director, coordinate and drive the Archdiocesan Spanish Marriage (and Convalidation) Preparation Program and Fertility Awareness/NFP Program.
  • Planning and managing channels of support and various educational events for the Hispanic community pertaining to marriage and family life issues including, but not limited to:
    • Ongoing development and oversight and possible facilitation of the Spanish Marriage Preparation (Pre-Cana) program, including the online components (online registration; Prepare/Enrich and Catholic Couple Checkup premarital inventories; Formed.org learning modules) and an in-person or virtual Pre-Cana Day (facilitators, hosts, clergy, parish sites, and managing virtual sessions).  This may include occasional (1-2/month) Saturdays in place of a weekday of work.
    • Addressing the diversity of couples coming to the Marriage Prep program, including, but not limited to:  Convalidating couples; couples with children; younger and older couples; couples struggling with technology; couples struggling with language/program comprehension, etc.
    • Developing Marriage Enrichment and Marriage Mentoring initiatives at the parishes/regions.
    • Evaluating the current Fertility Awareness/NFP programming, and exploring new Fertility Awareness options/technologies in developing a sustainable, healthy, and successful program for women/couples.
    • Providing Parenting education and support/training initiatives.
    • Evaluating and developing [as appropriate] Bereavement support initiatives.
    • Evaluating and developing [as appropriate] Separated & Divorce Ministry initiatives.
  • Organizing training sessions and overseeing others who will be the leaders and educators in Marriage Preparation and in teaching and promoting Fertility Awareness/NFP in Archdiocesan parishes and regional sites.
  • Working closely with the Bilingual Family Life Support Specialist as s/he handles the marriage prep couples who contact our office with questions and/or to register for marriage prep or other Family Life Office inquiries.
  • Working as a member of project teams, across the FL programs, and with outside resources, as needed.
  • Recruiting and training new program leaders and presenters as appropriate.
  • Nurturing leadership abilities and encourage existing parish program leaders or presenters through both on-site and remote communication and supervision.
  • Managing and working within an annual budget.
  • Working with the Director of the FL Office to anticipate program and parish needs, and proactively address issues with an emphasis on sound judgment, initiative and confidentiality, with appropriate but minimal direction.
  • Representing the FL Office at forums and events as appropriate and as requested and which may require occasional traveling (within and outside of New York), such as NACFLM, training or seminar events, etc.
  • Translating documents pertinent to the various Family Life Office programs as needed.

Required Faith-Based Knowledge/Commitment

  • A practicing Catholic who accepts and is willing to abide by and give personal witness to authentic Church teachings, particularly on issues relating to the Office’s mission to promote respect for human life, family and marriage, chastity and human sexuality.
  • Ability to articulate the core teachings of the Catholic Faith as handed on through Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church.  Good knowledge of Church teaching particularly on issues regarding marriage and family, the theology of the body, and life issues.
  • Able to support the Family Life Office’s mission to respect all human life, in particular the most vulnerable.

Education, Experience and ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:

  • Bachelor’s Degree required, and Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry, Psychology or Theology/Religious Studies preferred.
  • A good knowledge of Church teaching on issues regarding marriage and family, the theology of the body, natural family planning and pro-life. Some familiarity with the various methods of NFP, an acceptance of the NFP lifestyle and desire to promote it throughout the archdiocese required. Some studies in marriage and family life or previous experience are necessary.
  • Must be fluently bi-lingual (Spanish/English) and able to translate documents with ease.
  • Experience in designing/conducting workshops and events. 
  • Experience with and the ability to work collaboratively within diverse groups to develop and maintain relationships, especially in interactions with Pastors, parishes, and/or volunteers.
  • Must be digitally fluent, and have strong technology skills with proficiency in using all Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), and an openness to learning new technologies to enhance our outreach (e.g., Flocknote, Social media applications, video design/management, etc.)
  • Be adaptable to working on new projects and rotating assignments, and also to adapt (expand) one’s skills and competencies (e.g., learning SurveyMonkey, the Catholic Faith Technology platform, WordPress platform, etc.)
  • Be open to moving beyond traditional boundaries and ways of working to new efficient (integrated) ways.
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills.
  • Licensed Driver; Must have access to a car and be willing to travel throughout the archdiocese and to collaborate with departments and agencies within the chancery, the archdiocese and beyond.

Send resume to FLRLjobs@archny.org